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Cover Letter

To our Valued Patients;


Thank you for choosing Lincoln City Physical Therapy for your physical therapy needs. Here at Lincoln City Physical Therapy we pride ourselves on placing quality patient care as our number one priority.


Consistency is imperative in monitoring the effectiveness of our treatments from our professional staff. Therefore, we respectfully request that you are prompt for your appointments and cancellations are kept to a minimum. When a cancellation is necessary, we require a 12 hour in advance notification.


A $45.00 charge will be assessed to you for any no-show appointments.


Your initial evaluation will be conducted by one of our physical therapists. Your therapy visits thereafter will be scheduled either with a P.T. or one of our P.T. Assistants.


It is important that we provide you with some general guidelines to help you better understand our office policies in regard to Medicare, Worker’s Compensation, Oregon Health Plan and Direct Access.


This clinic accepts the allowed rate (usually 80%) for Medicare. The remaining 20% is generally taken care of by your secondary insurance plan. If you do no have secondary insurance coverage, you are responsible for the balance.It is required by law that all Medicare recipients who participate in physical therapy treatments be seen by their physician every 30 days from the initiation date of their physical therapy services. If your treatment lasts longer than 30 days, you must see your physician before we can continue with physical therapy.


We are providers for most Worker’s Compensation insurance plans. The only plan in the area that we are not participating with is CareMark. If this is your managed Care Provider, please speak with the office staff.Also, as a Worker’s Compensation recipient, it is extremely important that you keep your scheduled appointments. The receptionist can provide you with a reminder notice of your scheduled appointments to help you plan ahead. It is encouraged that you retain these notices for your records as they are proof of appointment dates and may be needed for mileage compensation.




We participate with the Oregon Health Plan. This plan, however, allows for limited coverage for physical therapy; meaning that DMAP limits the condition and injuries that they cover. Because of this, you are given an initial evaluation to determine if your condition will be allowed under the Oregon Health Plan. The approval process generally takes between 2-4 weeks and we much receive Notice of Prior Authorization before we can resume treatment. If you wish to initiate treatment prior to this authorization and/or if the authorization has been denied, then you are responsible for the balance of any accrued physical therapy services.


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