Lincoln City Physical Therapy
and Sports Injury Clinic
Parental Consent Form
Student Athlete Policy

Student athletes will be seen by an on staff physical therapist by appointments only.


The therapist will perform:

1) Initial “No Charge” injury assessment.

2) Instruct in basic first aide for the injury (ie; rest, ice, compression, elevation, stretch, etc.)

3) Make recommendation regarding modification and duration of practice.

4) Make recommendation regarding precautions for training, special supports, splints, taping or bracing.

5) Advise athlete, coach and parents on the status of the injury and physician recommendation.


Student athletes are seen by a therapist for an initial “No Charge” visit with a follow-up as necessary. Injuries requiring the use of therapeutic modalities such as ultrasound, whirlpool, electrical stimulation, etc. require a physician prescription for reimbursement. Insurance companies may cover direct access to physical therapy, but it is the responsibility of the insured to check for this coverage.


All braces, tapes, Theraband and/or any special equipment needed for the athlete must be paid in full when the athlete leaves the facility. Special orders of all equipment require 50% payment upon ordering.

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